Intro to Weapons

Weapon defense krav maga

What is Intro to Weapons?

Learn how to survive an armed attack on the street. Weapons defense is a central part of the Krav Maga self defense system and training for real life.  Whether the attack involves a gun, knife or blunt object, seconds count and acting decisively is the difference between going home alive and the grim alternative. Krav Maga’s weapon defenses and disarm techniques are globally recognized as being the most practical approach for defending against an armed assault.

When your life is on the line, you need a system that emphasizes instinctual movements and prioritizes simple, easy to retain techniques.  KMD’s Intro to Weapons class will methodically and systematically teach the four primary steps (Redirect, Control, Attack, Take) to safely defend an armed attack. Each month, class will focus on a particular threat and will build cumulatively on various scenarios. Intro to Weapons will help train you both mentally and physically should the unthinkable happen and find yourself face to face with an armed attacker. 

Prerequisite: Successfully passed Level 1