Belt Test Curriculum


+ Level 1 Curriculum

I. Stance

A. Neutral Stance

B. Fighting Stance

II. Movement

A. Forward, Back, Left, Right

B. Shadow Boxing

III. Punches

A. Straight Punch

B. Straight Punch – left/right combo

C. Palm Heel Strike

D. Chops

E. Eye Strike/Throat Strike

F. Straight Punch w/Advance

G. Straight Punch w/Retreat

H. Straight Punch Low

I. Hammer-fist Strikes (all directions)

J. Elbows (1-7)

IV. Kicks

A. Front Groin Kick

B. Front Kick – Vertical Target (Offensive)

C. Front Kick – Defensive

D. Round Kick

V. Knees

A. Straight

B. Diagonal/Round

C. Inward angled (Muay Thai)

VI. Punch/Kick Combos

VII. Punch Defenses

A. 360 Outside Defenses (all angles)

B. Inside Defenses

VIII. Choke Defenses

A. Front Choke (1 Hand Pluck)

B. Front Choke (2 Hand Pluck)

C. Back Choke

D. Side Choke

E. Front Choke w/Push

F. Back Choke w/Push

IX. Headlock Defenses

A. Headlock from Side

B. Headlock from Behind

X. Pull Defenses

XI. Groundwork

A. Back Fall Break

B. Movement (Back & Sides)

C. Kicks

D. Stripping/Cleaning vs Foot Grap

E. Getting Up

XII. Wrist Release

+ Level 2 Curriculum

I. Movement

A. Bobbing & Weaving

B. Slipping Punches

C. Shadow Boxing

II. Punches

A. Hook Punch

B. Uppercut Punch

C. Overhand Punch

D. Focus Mitt Combinations

III. Kicks

A. Side Kick

B. Side Kick w/Advance

C. Back Kick

D. Back Kick w/Advance

E. Kick Combos

F. Uppercut Back-kick (short)

G. Front Kick w/Advance

IV. Punch Defenses

A. Inside Defense & counter vs Jab

B. Inside Defense & counter vs Cross

C. Inside Defense & counter vs Left/Right combo

D. Defense vs Hook Punch

E. Defense vs Uppercut Punch

F. Defense vs Overhand Punch

G. Outside Defenses (1-5)

H. 360 Defense w/multiple counter attacks

V. Kick Defenses

A. Defense vs front groin kick (redirect)

B. Defense vs front groin kick (reflexive)

C. Defense vs low round kick (using shin, absorbing)

D. Defense vs high front kick

E. Outside stabbing defense vs front groin kick

VI. Fall Breaks

A. Back Fall Break

B. Side Fall Break

VII. Choke Defenses

A. Front Choke Against Wall

B. Back Choke Against Wall

C. Back Choke w/Pull

VIII. Bear-Hugs

A. Defense vs Bearhug from the Front – Arms Free/Caught – with/without space

B. Defense vs Bearhug from the Front – Leverage on neck

C. Defense vs Bearhug from the Behind – Arms Free/Caught – with/without space

D. Defnse vs. Knee Grab

IX. Groundwork

A. Defense vs Punches while mounted (buck, trap, roll)

B. Defense vs Choke while mounted (pluck, buck, roll)

C. Defense vs Choke from Behind while mounted

D. Headlock while mounted

E. Guard Escape (Elbows, Stacking)

F. Passing Guard (Posting)

H. Kick off from Guard

+ Level 3 Curriculum

I. Head-butt

A. Head-butt Forward

B. Head-butt Upward

C. Head-butt Side (bear-hug context)

D. Head-butt Back (bear-hug context)

II. Kicks

A. Defensive Back Kick with a Spin

B. Offensive Back Kick

C. Heel Kick

D. Inside Slap Kick

E. Outside Slap Kick

III. Punch Defenses

A. Inside Defense v. Left/Right

B. Inside Defense v. Left/Right (using forward hand)

C. Outside Defense 1-4

IV. Kick Defenses

A. Reflexive Defense vs. High Round Kick

B. Defense vs. High Round Kick

V. Fall Breaks

A. High Fall Break – Back and Side

B. Forward Fall Break

VI. Rolls

VII. Hair-grabs

A. Hair-grab, Front

B. Hair-grab, Side

C. Hair-grab, Behind or Opposite Side

VIII. Bear-Hugs

A. Bear-hug from Behind (Leverage on Finger)

B. Bear-hug, Lifting – from Behind

C. Bear-hug, Lifting – from the Front

D. Full Nelson – Leverage on Finger

IX. Takedowns

A. Double Leg Takedown

B. Single Leg Takedown – Head inside/outside

C. Single Leg Hyperextension

D. Knee Tap

E. Snap Down

X. Control Positons

A. Pummeling

B. Arm Drag

C. 2 Hand Head Control

XI. Headlock / Clinch Defense

A. Defense vs Reverse headlock

B. Defense vs 2 Hand Head Control

XI. Groundwork

A. Choke from the Side

B. Headlock from the Side

C. Headlock from Behind

D. Arm Bar

E. Guard Escape – Stacking

F. Side Mount – Top Postion

G. Side Mount – Bottom Position

+ Level 4 Curriculum

I. Punches

A. Chops, Inside and Outside

B. Ridge Hand/Mouth of Hand Punches

C. Swingout Hammerfist-Element of Surprise

II. Kicks

A. Axe Kick

B. Outside Slap Kick with a Spin

C. Heel Kick with a Spin

D. Sweep – Leg Sweep with Round Kick

III. Kick Defenses

A. General Defense v. Medium to High Attacks (round kick, heel kick, etc.)

B. Sliding Defense v. High Round Kick

C. Defense v. High Side Kick

D. Defense v. Low Side Kick

E. Defense v. Low to Medium Side Kick (Plucking)

F. Defense v. Side Kick (sideways to attacker)

G. Sliding Defense v. Spinning Heel Kick

H. Kick Defense v. Spinning Heel Kick

IV. Stick Defenses

A. Stick, Overhead Swing

B. Stick, Overhead Swing – off angle/dead side

C. Stick Defense, Baseball Bat Swing

V. Handgun Defenses

A. Gun from the Front

B. Gun from the Side of the Head

C. Gun from the Side, in Front of the Arm (touching)

D. Gun from the Front, Pushing into Stomach

E. Gun from the Side, Behind the Arm

F. Gun from Behind (touching)

VI. Cavaliers

VII. Ground – fighting

A. Attacker Straddling, Pinning Wrists B. Triangle Choke

+ Level 5 Curriculum

I. Punch Combinations

II. Kicks

A. Front Kick/Round Kick with switching move

B. Two front kicks with a switch

C. Outside slap kick and front kick with a switch

D. Two straight knees with a switch

E. Two back kicks with a switch

III. Kick Defenses

IV. Throws/Holds

A. “Machine-Gun Take-Down”

B. One arm shoulder throw

C. Hip roll

D. Sacrifice Throw

V. Headlock Defenses

VI. Full Nelson Defenses

A. Leverage on fingers

B. Throw/flip forward

C. Sweep

VII. Knife Defenses

A. Defense v. Downward Stab

B. Defense v. Straight Stab

C. Defense v. Straight Stab

D. Defense v. Upward Stab

E. Defense v. slashing attacks

VIII. Defending Against an Assailant Armed with a long gun (assault rifle or shotgun)

IX. Defending Against an Assailant Armed with a Handgun

A. Threat from the rear at a distance