KM Advanced Flow


What is KM Advanced Flow?

In this advanced level class, students put it all together! Fights are dynamic and so are the skills needed to survive a real-life encounter. KM Advanced Flow provide students with the most realistic training environment possible by integrating Krav Maga self-defense principles, fighting strategies, grappling, and weapons defenses into a comprehensive flow. How do you handle an attempted simple front attack, that quickly goes to the ground from an aggressive tackle, and then turns deadly when the attacker introduces a weapon to the assault, all in a matter of a few seconds? We’ll teach students how to quickly access the skills and techniques that you have developed through their years of training and effectively flow from one to another.

The pace of the class is designed to allow students to acclimate to the demands of a realistic fight with a special focus on refining fundamental skills.

Come get your fight game on!

Prerequisite: Successfully passed KM 2 test