Empower your mind, strengthen your body, and learn to protect yourself and the ones you love against any attack. This is what it means to WALK IN PEACE.

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Train Hard
Get Fit
Walk in Peace

At Krav Maga Dallas™, we believe your safety and health are worth fighting for.

Trained by the best, to bring you the best. We are the only licensed Krav Maga Worldwide® Training Center in North Texas. That means that our expert instructors train continuously to bring our students the most effective and efficient self-defense system in the world for both men, women and children. 

Krav Maga Dallas™ will get you prepared if the unthinkable were to happen. While you train, you will find a new sense of confidence, empowerment and athletic ability that you never knew you had. Krav Maga training is important for everyone. At Krav Maga Dallas™ we begin self-defense training at age 6. The training is not always easy, but our encouraging instructors and friendly class structure will help you reach your self-defense and fitness goals.


“Krav Maga heightens perception and transforms fear into something more productive.”


Imi Lichtenfeld, founder of Krav Maga


Self Defense & Fighting

Fitness & Mobility

Youth Krav Maga